Rug Care


Washing & Reproofing

  • We can wash horse rugs and pet bedding.
  • All items washed in our specialist commercial washing machines.
  • We only use quality Nikwax Rug Wash and Nikwax Rug Reproof
  • We can offer wash only or wash and reproof.


  • Rug wash only £8
  • Rug wash and reproof £13
  • Travel Boots (set of 4) £8
  • Numnahs £2 each, or £5 each for lamb skin
  • Preparing charge £10 per hour to the nearest 15 minutes

Rug Repairs

We carry out high quality rug repair in our own workshop by hand. We do this to make sure the repairs are high quality, precise and long lasting. Our repair service always tries to keep our repairs under £5, any more than that and we will let you know before work commences. Simple!


Outside Patch £2.50
Outside Panel £5.00
Inside Patch £2.50
Inside Panel £5.00
Long Surgical Replacement (Material only) £3.50
Short Surgical Replacement (Material only) £2.00
Surgical Slide Replacement £1.00
Male / Female Surgical Clip Replacement £1.50
Trigger Clip Replacement £1.50
Chest Buckle Replacement £1.50
Chest Strap Replacement (Material only) £2.00
D Ring Webbing or Tab Replacement (Material only) £1.00
D Ring Replacement £1.00
Secure Shoulder Dart or Pleat £0.50 (Each)
Secure Seam (Up to 10cm) £0.50
Secure Old Patches £0.50
Secure Tail £0.50 (Each)
Replace Velcro Strip £1.00 (Each)
Replace Velcro Strip £1.00 (Each)
Replace up to 10cm of Binding or Edging £1.00
Secure up to 10cm of Binding / Edging £0.50

Trade In Your Rug

We are happy to either buy your old unused rugs or we are happy to offer a trade in towards a reconditioned rug. Please contact us or pop in to see what we can do to help you.

We guarantee a fair price for your rug.