Rug Care


Washing & Reproofing

  • We can wash horse rugs and pet bedding.
  • All items washed in our specialist commercial washing machines.
  • We only use quality Nikwax Rug Wash and Nikwax Rug Reproof
  • We can offer wash only or wash and reproof.


  • Rug wash only £10
  • Rug wash and reproof £16
  • Travel Boots (set of 4) £8
  • Numnahs £2 each, or £5 each for lamb skin
  • Labour charges for repairs / prep £15 per hour to the nearest 15 minutes

Rug Repairs

We carry out high-quality rug repair in our own workshop by hand. We do this to make sure the repairs are high quality, precise and long-lasting.


Outside Patch £2.50
Outside Panel £5.00
Inside Patch £2.50
Inside Panel £5.00
Long Surgical Replacement (Material only) £3.50
Short Surgical Replacement (Material only) £2.00
Surgical Slide Replacement £1.00
Male / Female Surgical Clip Replacement £1.50
Trigger Clip Replacement £1.50
Chest Buckle Replacement £1.50
Chest Strap Replacement (Material only) £2.00
D Ring Webbing or Tab Replacement (Material only) £1.00
D Ring Replacement £1.00
Secure Shoulder Dart or Pleat £0.50 (Each)
Secure Seam (Up to 10cm) £0.50
Secure Old Patches £0.50
Secure Tail £0.50 (Each)
Replace Velcro Strip £1.00 (Each)
Replace Velcro Strip £1.00 (Each)
Replace up to 10cm of Binding or Edging £1.00
Secure up to 10cm of Binding / Edging £0.50

Trade In Your Rug

We are happy to either buy your old unused rugs or we are happy to offer a trade in towards a reconditioned rug. Please contact us or pop in to see what we can do to help you.

We guarantee a fair price for your rug.